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Woodglen Medical Group

OB/GYNs located in Glendora, CA

The OB/GYN experts at Woodglen Medical Group have been providing obstetric care to women in Southern California for more than 25 years. Located in Glendora, California, the full-service office provides medical, laboratory, and ultrasound services, so you can get all the care you need for a happy and healthy pregnancy under one roof. For a consultation, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Obstetrics Q & A

How Should I Prepare for Pregnancy?

If you’re not pregnant but you're working on it, now’s a good time to schedule an appointment with the women’s health experts at Woodglen Medical Group to help prepare your body for pregnancy.

The team offers recommendations to ensure a healthy pregnancy from the start, such as adding folic acid supplements, making better food choices, or discontinuing unhealthy habits.

When Should I Schedule My First Obstetric Prenatal Visit?

You should schedule an appointment with the team at Woodglen Medical Group as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Starting prenatal care early ensures the best outcomes for both you and your baby.

During the first visit, you can expect:

  • Confirmation of pregnancy and estimation of due date
  • A complete physical and pelvic exam, including Pap test
  • Review of your medical history, including family health
  • Blood and urine tests

You should come prepared with all your questions during the first visit so the team can address any concerns you may have.

How Often Should I See My Doctor During Pregnancy?

Regular obstetric care helps the team track your and your baby’s health and identify problems early on. How often you see the team at Woodglen Medical Group depends on the stage of your pregnancy. This is the recommended frequency:

  • Weeks 4-28: once a month
  • Weeks 28-38: every two weeks
  • Week 38 to delivery: once a week

If you have a high-risk pregnancy or you’re over the age of 35, the team may need to see you more often.

What is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Your pregnancy may be considered high-risk due to a pre-pregnancy medical condition, a condition that develops during pregnancy, or a concern with your baby’s health.

Other reasons a pregnancy may be considered high-risk include:

  • Age, under 18 or over 35
  • Multiple births
  • Excess weight or obesity

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you may require additional monitoring and testing.

What Can I Expect During an Obstetric Postpartum Visit?

After you’ve given birth, the team schedules follow-up appointments to monitor your health and your transition to motherhood. They also monitor you for excessive bleeding or hemorrhaging, which is rare but may occur as the placenta separates from your uterus.

For comprehensive obstetric care with an experienced team, call Woodglen Medical Group or book an appointment online.